New Lodge Members
New Member
Kyle Kieser
Forrest Kieser
Scott Burke
Larry Schmitt, Sr.
Thomas Lubbehusen
Allen Hohler
Congratulations to the new members and a big "Thank You!" to the sponsors!!


Lodge Membership Drive #1

    NO MORE DUES!!!!  CHECK IT OUT!! $$$$$$$
At this time the Lodge is promoting Moose Internationals ongoing membership incentive.  When you sign up your first two members of the Moose Year, you will get next year's membership free!  That's right, 2 for 1.  First 2 new members gets you 1 year membership free.


Lodge Membership Drive #2

Beginning on May 1, 2013and ending at midnight on April 30, 2014 membership for Jasper Moose Lodge #1175 will only be $40.00 to cover the annual dues. Thanks to the national "Zero Application Fee" membership drive, the application fee is waived. For more specific details, click on the image above or see an officer or the Lodge Administrator.

Another win - win situation for the Lodge, the Fraternity, the new member and you! The Moose wins as it gets a new member. The Fraternity wins because they get someone else to spread the word of the good that the Moose does. The new member wins because he gets to join a great organization for less while also getting many benefits back in return. Finally you, the sponsor, win as you have fulfilled one of the greatest obligations of your membership and that is to increase the Moose's membership!


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